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Pass Family Genealogy

The Brown Family now is on its own page.

The Pass family, to put it politely, has the colourful characters while the Brown family has been more upright. The Pass lines come from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and France. There is one Cherokee identified. They settled, as far as I know, from Portsmouth, Rhode Island (1640) to Charleston, South Carolina.

These are my great great grandparents, Thomas Redmond (born about 1830, died about 1880) changed his name from Redman.

Ellen Walker (1835?-1885?) was part Indian, presumably Cherokee. Thomas was an unspecified "non-white" according to the census.

These are Ken Whitehead's photos of large drawings made about 1870.

Roxie Redmond, below, is their daughter.

My great grandparents. On the left, John Abercrombie Gale Peck (1856-1943) and Roxie Redmond (1863-1936). On the right are Aaron Pass (1850-1912) and Jo Whelchel (1858-1905) with their first six children. My grandfather Carl is on the right. The taller man standing is not a family member.

Aaron's father died at sea off the Pacific coast of Panama while en route to California to look for gold. Jo's parents, Davis and Elizabeth Keith Whelchel, married when he was 69 and she was 24--one of my favourite couples in the family tree. They had three children, one after his death, to go with the seven from his first marriage, all of whom were older than Elizabeth!

The Pecks started out in Germany as the von Beck family. They immigrated to Virginia (being shipwrecked and narrowly avoiding cannibalism along the way), and moved on to be one of the founding families of Knoxville. One of them moved into Georgia during the gold rush, but was unsuccessful as a prospector and went into retail. No one is sure where the Passes came from, but they appeared in Virginia by the 1730's. The family moved into North Carolina, then branched out into Tennessee and Georgia.

My grandparents, Carl Pass (1883-1947) and Maude Peck (1889-1982) at the time of their wedding, 1910.
Carl's family lived in the foothills of Hall County where my father was born.

The family lived in Wellsburg, West Virginia, in the 1920's when Carl was working for the power company there. They later returned to Georgia.
There were three children, John, Louise and Lucy.
Another child died shortly after birth.

This is a story about how Carl's cousin fought the first world war.

The only known picture of my father, John Pass (1916-1990) wearing a hat. It must date from the 1930's. I'm not sure if that is a pencil moustache or a penciled in one! He left school in the depression and worked in the CCC, joined the army before the second world war and was later in the air force. He was later in the federal and municipal civil service.

At present I am trying to find each family's immigrants, and also insights into their lives, as shown in wills and letters, for example.

Also I am interested in pictures of my ancestors. There must be some extant from the nineteenth century at least. If you share ancestors with me and would like to have pictures, please get in touch. I am also looking for more information on my aunts, uncles, cousins and cousins' children for my records, though this would not be posted on line.

John Pass, Australia, 1942, and Virginia Brown, 1944


If you wander back through the Peck family through the Gayles, Foxes, Wests you end up in England. About 1400 this line runs into my wife's Montague line, creating yet another layer of relationships. Going back from the Wests through criss-crossing lines of relatives takes you to Margaret, whom I just learned was Queen of Scotland and was canonized in 1250 as Saint Margaret the Exile, or Saint Margaret of Scotland. She gave her name to Saint Margaret's Bay in Nova Scotia, which I can see outside the window as I sit here....



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